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Look who's talking about us

From the Press

Look who's talking about us

Customers do not even have to go through a checkout process at Pick & GO. 

The Business Times

A convenience store getting more convenient!


Customers can conveniently leave the store after selecting their items as they will be automatically charged to their accounts.

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Is Pick & GO


Is Pick & GO


Pick & GO is Singapore’s first AI unmanned convenience store.

Imagine shopping for your daily necessities without having to wait for long queues or squeeze with the crowd 24/7 anytime and any day. Powered by A.I. technology, simply grab what you want and just walk out to complete your payment within seconds.

With Pick & GO, you can finally spend more time doing things you love!

Cashierless at Pick & GO Unmanned store in Singapore



Our AI technology automatically tallies items you have taken which allows you to checkout seamlessly within seconds by walking out.
No queue shopping at Pick & GO Unmanned store in Singapore



Experience how seamless cashierless checkout should feel like where you no longer have to queue for cashier, self-checkout kiosk or self-checkout room.
shopper exit store to pay at Pick & GO Unmanned convenience store

Just Pick & GO!


Ready to experience a new world of shopping 24/7 any time, any day? Visit our AI unmanned stores today!







Download App

Download Pick & GO App from App Store or Google Play and link with your preferred payment method (GRAB/Visa/Master/PayLah*/NETS*).

*Coming soon


Scan to Enter

Open your app and scan the QR code or use facial recognition to enter the store.



Pick the items you wish to purchase and it will be added to your cart. You can pack the items in your bag or pocket while shopping.


Exit to Pay

Once you are done with shopping, pay by just walking out.


View Receipt

Check the e-receipts of your purchases in the app any time, any day!

Download the app
and 'Pick & Go'!



Pick & GO LITE @Lakepoint

4 Lakepoint Dr, #01-25
Lakepoint Condominium
Singapore 648924

Pick & GO @SUTD

8 Somapah Rd
#01-201 (Building 2)
Singapore 487372

Pick & GO @ My Village, NUS

27 Prince George's Park
#02-01 (My Village @ NUS)
Singapore 118425

Questions for us?

Questions for us?

What is Pick & GO?

Pick & GO is a 24/7 AI unmanned convenience store in Singapore which offers daily necessities including snacks, drinks and other essential options. Imagine shopping within seconds with no cashier, no queue, just walk out!

How do I shop at Pick & GO?

Download the free Pick & GO app from Apple App store or Google Play and link your account to your preferred payment method (GRAB/Visa/Master/PayLah*/NETS*).
*coming soon

How does Pick & GO work?

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) system utilizes computer vision including smart cameras to determine shopper gestures and location within the store. Together with sensors from the smart shelves, our AI system keep tracks of your virtual cart by detecting what products are taken or returned to the smart shelves. Walk out of the store once you have completed your shopping. You can check your receipt on your purchases in your Pick & GO app.

Can I use the same app to enter different Pick & GO outlets in Singapore?

Yes, you can use the same Pick & GO app to shop at all Pick & GO outlets in Singapore. You can download the Pick & GO app in the Apple App store or Google Play.

Can I shop at Pick & GO with my family and friends?

Yes! Scan the QR code in your Pick & GO for each person at the gantry first, followed by scanning yourself to enter. Everyone can shop in the store normally. Any products taken off the smart shelf by family and friends who entered the store using your app will be added to your virtual cart. If products are returned to the smart shelves while being in the store, the products will be removed from your virtual cart.

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